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Alfred's Homestead Reviews
A brief history -
Please Note that the Present Management and Executive Chef purchased Alfred's Homestead on the 1st Of July 1987.
Alfred's Homestead was built by Alfred and opened up for business as a Restaurant on the 6th June 1970.
Fully Licensed Restaurant
Noteworthy -

Alfred's Homestead caters for Special Family celebrations which most normally occur on Saturday Night and Sunday Lunch.
The Cuisine is International.
Alfred's Homestead makes its own stocks sauces,Mayo and Home Made Sweets.

Bookings are essential since the food and service is for the number booked on a day or night.

The Roasts of Pork and Beef are carved onto your plate and seafood including Prawns,Fresh Oysters ,Mussels and Shrimp are included on the buffet.
10 Homemade sweets and Cheese and Greens are also to be enjoyed.
On Sunday Lunch we do have many more children and so we do have a Kids Menu as well as the normal.
It is essential to be present when we turn the lights on so that you can see all the beautiful work done by the chef in presenting the platters and bowls beautifully decorated.
We are very aware of food regulations relating to buffets and normally within one hour and a half very little is left after everyone has had more than their share.
Alfred's Homestead prides itself on having simple foods beautifully cooked and presented.
The most important feature of a Buffet is that one can bring the whole family to eat and there is no wastage of time ordering food to be cooked or ordering food that can cater for everyone's likes.
One is free to choose only the items of food that one likes.

We are not allowed to have food ready to be eaten out on a buffet Table for more than an hour and a half so if you visit the restaurant on a Sunday Lunch please come at 12noon or before 1pm. We may be open till 3pm but the cold buffet area will most likely have only the cheese and greens by 3pm.
We do not leave food out on a buffet for the duration of a sitting.
On saturday Night we open the buffet with the lights on at 7:30pm and we take away the hot and cold dishes by 9pm leaving remaining deserts in the cold buffet area.
The cheese and greens come out to be enjoyed from 9:30pm
and by 11pm all food is cleared away. We work to ensure that all foods are at their best when eaten.
Ebay Feedbacks 
For over 10 years now Alfred's Homestead has been selling Restaurant Vouchers on Ebay.
At present on Ebay the Feedbacks go back to 2nd July 2004.
Ebay shows 16,526 feedbacks received since 2nd July 2004.

Alfred's Homestead ebay user name is baccrs(6541).
Positive Feedbacks in the last 12 months is 99.7%,
Note in 10 years their have been 3 negative feedbacks - not relating to food but to postage.
Goto ebay and see all 16,526 feedbacks as of the 29th August 2013.
Imagine how many satisfied customers have visited Alfred's Homestead in just the last 10 years.
Keep in mind that the executive Chef and management has been here since 1st July 1987.

Other Feedbacks 
In just over 3 years Alfred's Homestead has also been offering great Deals online from Deal Companies.
Many Deal Companies have put up a Saturday Night and a Sunday Lunch deal from Alfred's Homestead.
One of the Largest Deal Companies Deals-Ouffer-Cudo has recently sold 1813 vouchers for Alfred's Homestead.
The salesperson from Deals-Ouffer-Cudo considers Alfred's Homestead to be one of the most respected Restaurants in Melbourne. The market is very depressed and still our voucher sales increased from our last deal.

In recent times we have been getting some very bad reviews.
I don't mind if someone states that they did not like a particular soup but when they make statements that are clearly Not true then I am  not very pleased.
The Internet companies that put up negative reviews should check that all statements made are in actual fact true before placing them on their supposedly true facts sites.
Would a Restaurant such as Alfred's Homestead with over 26 years of goodwill present bad food or accept poor service as the norm.

In some of these Reviews there are statements that say that we do not make our own sweets. There are also statements that clearly have no idea about health regulations and the fact that we have had the same executive Chef since 1st July 1987 .
Please consider  further:
Alfred's Homestead is licensed to cater for 300.
Very rarely do we get a full house.
If we have over 260 I do try to warn customers that wish to come on a busy night or day.My warning about possible larger queues and more excitement is most often appreciated. It is appreciated by those who need to eat and run and those who prefer less excitement and a quieter night out.
I have a customer who has frequented Alfred's for nearly 30 years.
Recently I put him on a waiting list since I had too many coming to the Restaurant.When I had a cancellation and rang him to tell him I could fit him in - he cancelled another Restaurant thinking that he was not going to be lucky and did come that night.
He was quite aware of the fact that he was walking into a very busy night - He and his wife just love the atmosphere of a busy lively Restaurant . It did take him longer to eat.

We have comments about our Pot Holes in our driveway.
I had a customer who told me recently . I come for the food and service - a few pot holes in your driveway is not going to deter me from enjoying Alfred's Homestead.
Alfred's Homestead is a family celebration Restaurant. It is a Restaurant that caters for small children and where else can you go and have Grandma dance with all the grand kids.
Alfred's Homestead has thousands of happy customers every month of the year.

03 98443013
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Alfred's Homestead aims for the best that only Mum normally can do:

When someone rings to book Sunday Lunch I take their name,phone number and number of adults,children ages 4 to 11 inclusive and children under 4 years.If there are children under 4 I ask if a High Chair is required or if room for a pram is required.

I make sure I tell them if it is a booking for Sunday Lunch that it is best to arrive at 12noon when we turn the lights on to signal that the food is ready to be eaten and I insist that they need to arrive before 1pm.

At times I have patrons arriving at 1:30pm or even 2pm and stating that your hours are 12noon to 3pm.
Alas Alfred's Homestead is not the same as a normal Restaurant.

Alfred's Presents a Carvery Buffet with Seafood and 10 Homemade Sweets.The Hot Vegetables and the Pasta are brought out 1 tray at a time. When the trays are brought out we presume that they will be consumed in minutes just like when Mum prepares food at home.If she says the food is ready - you don't turn up an hour later do you.

We have so many that appreciate our Hot veggies,pasta and salads - simply because it is good food that has not been spoilt by sitting around overcooking or exposed to air for too long before eaten.

The Roasts carved onto the plate are a delight - they are not carved and doctored with loads of gravy to make them moist.

If Mum has a roast ready to carve - she needs you to be there to enjoy just seconds after it is carved onto your plate .

Further so many forget that we prepare and cook the food before you come not like a normal Restaurant where you need to choose from a Menu and order and wait until it is prepared or cooked.

So many ring and book after 2pm on the day they wish to come.
They don't ask if we have enough bread or have put enough roasts in the oven.
Alfred's Homestead is a large Restaurant licensed for 300 - it is rare for us to be booked out but if we have bookings for 100 for a Saturday Night we prepare food and we organize staff to cater for the 100. If on the day we have a last minute rush of 20 or 30 - we are in trouble big time.
At times late on a Saturday Night I need to reject late bookings simply because we may not have the staff and the food prepared to be able to accommodate them. We don't prepare food for 130 when we have bookings for just 100.
Can you imagine how many Bride and Grooms we have been able to make their special day something to be remembered.
We started back in May 1981 over 33 years ago at Our Reception Centre in Blackburn called Karinya Lodge Receptions.
We sold Karinya in 2002 but we have done so many Wedding Receptions since 1987 at Alfred's Homestead.
Okay - we are old fashioned in that we try to include everything in the price. That is,flowers at the base of each Candlelabra for each Round Table,Linen Serviettes in a fan with a paper colour serviette to match the Brides maids Dresses,and an Mc Normally me who helps with the formalities and leaves the comedy and special considerations to the people he involves in the speeches.
Most couples that have taken advantage of our special price for weddings have turned to Alfred's because of the Food and extra length of time to celebrate a special occasion.
Most Reception centres offer a 5 hour function which includes time to get Married.
Afred's Homestead allows up to.8 hours on a Saturday Night for a shared wedding if the wedding starts in the garden at 4pm.
Shared weddings provide more time to celebrate as well as entertainment at no extra Charge. Also in a shared wedding we normally provide Savouries at no extra cost since the food starts at 7:30pm and if people start drinking alcoholic drinks at 5pm they do need food.
The speaches are normally done before Restaurant Guests arrive and we only accept one wedding on a night so the Bride has the Bridal Change room to herself.
Really a Shared wedding at Alfred's Homestead is a unique experience and I am sure if one rang all 1000 previous bride and grooms in the last 27 years they would get that positive response to a great occasion celebrated.
Just think a Sunday Lunch Shared wedding actually allows for beer,Wine and Soft drink in the price.
Why don't you get married in our Gardens and follow up with a great Carvery /buffet for just $60 pp on a saturday Plus drinks or including House bottled wines ,beer and soft drink on a sunday lunch.
Take advantage and ring Bill now on 98443013
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    Julie Toner I'm a 2003 bride! Our guests say our wedding was so memorable, we enjoyed every minute of it. We have been back a couple of times and I always shed a tear of happiness x
    Like Reply 51 minutes ago
    Sonia Shepherd I am one of those Brides from 2005 and still remember our wedding day with fond memories. The gardens were gorgeous and often people who see the wedding pictures now ask where we went for the photos. It was all done in the one place, easy for long distance attendee's and much less stress. I know I have said it many many times but once again, Thank you Bill and your staff for such a beautiful day with absolutely no stress from me. We have since returned for an anniversary Sunday lunch and I was able to sample the whole menu that time with not being in a wedding dress I went all out, haha.
    Like Reply 58 minutes ago
    Samantha Fleming We had our wedding there in March 2007. It was spectacular. Family and friends still think it was one of the best weddings they have been to for many different reasons (food, atmosphere, grounds, music (live band)) We have moved away and had kids since, but my goal is to come back for a wedding anniversary in the not to distant future. Recommend +++++

I had a lovely comment from a customer on Facebook. They came for lunch on the 13th July'14.

My girlfriend and I ate there on Sunday just gone after 'sitting' on our vouchers for almost 4mths. The food was fantastic! Your waiting staff was always visible but not bothering people. And the staff at the hot food service was very pleasant and smiling.
Only disappointment was we waited 4mths to come there, and that we live 1hr drive away.
Hope to visit again soon
We  have the Carvery/Buffet every time we Open.  The Kids Menu is included  Sunday Lunch.
Prices for Adults and Children are as follows
Last Price increase
16th May 2015
From 17th June 2017
Saturday Night
$64.00 per Adult
$32.00 per Child 4 to
               11 inclusive
  Lunch Weekdays
         ,Sunday Lunch
$56.00 per Adult
$28.00 per Child 4 to
             11 inclusive