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Family Celebration                             
Fully Licensed Restaurant
We do provide Special Discounts for

Fully Paid in Advance Online Bookings
for          Sunday Lunch

Please note that payment for children is done separately.
Please note the buy now process will allow you to put in the quantity required.
You can make up a table for 1,2,4,10 or even 100 all on the  Special Discounts.
Time to Function $ Discount
Less than 1 week 0
1 week but less than 2 weeks 12
2 weeks but less than 8 weeks 16
2 months but less than 4 months 20
4 months or more 22
Discounted price per adult
$ 44
Discounted price per child 4-11 incl.
Sunday Lunch all year except  Mother's Day,Father's Day and Christmas Day if it falls on a Sunday.
For Example :

If you have a birthday party in 4 months and 3 days time and you need a table to accommodate 41 Adults and 5 children ages 4 to 11 inclusive then
You need to ring Bill on 98443013 and check that the date is available for your party and also the discounted price you will get if you pay the full amount today.
Please note that if you overbook Bill will make sure you have a credit note so that you can either use when you come back or give it as a present or a full Refund that can be used against drinks if you prefer.

You need to do 2 transactions
      one for the 41 adults and then
      the second  for the 5 children .
You will have to pay $  41x34.00+ 5x17.00 = $1394+85 =$1479

paying in advance you are saving 41x56+5x28.00  -1479= 2436-1479 = $957

Splitting the Bill for Food and Drink

If you have a birthday in over 4 months time you can take advantage of our service.
You can book a date in your name and get all your friends to Book Online. Tell them that they need to pay in Full and tell them discounts apply so if they take too long to book under your table name they would need to pay more. For a Sunday Lunch Booking they would get a 40% Discount if they booked  4 months or more before the date.
If they need to cancel for any reason they would be provided credit for another visit or a Full Refund if preferred.
You would be able to ring Bill to find out who has booked on your Table and have time to ring friends who have forgotten to book.
On the day we have table service for drinks on a Pay-as-you-go Basis so everyone will be within their drink budget.
This is a great way to have a party and everyone gets a discount and the Birthday person knows who will be there on the day.

Please note that if you cannot pay online for any reason you can get the same discounts if you present yourself to pay with cash ,cheque ,credit card or eftpos .
Click to calculate time to your special function
03 98443013