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Family Celebration Restaurant
Fully Licensed Restaurant
Christmas Lunch time before christmas is very special.
We have Christmas celebrated at lunch time normally from the middle of November.
For more detail click Restaurant followed by Weekday on the Menu.
Book your End of year break-up Party .

Note we will have Dinner Dance with Cabaret Show on Thursday,Friday and Saturday Night from Late November .

Prices will be $55,$60 and $65pp respectively.

If you are having a large special family celebration then you can even ask your guests to add their booking to your Table.
Bill allows up to 100 all on Discount.

You can ring Bill and Check who has added their name to your Table.
Closer to your special day you need only ring a few of your friends that are slow in confirming they are coming.

On the night you can have table service on a pay-as-you-go for drinks if required.
How easy is that!
    Christmas Day at Alfred's Homestead
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Our CABARET Artist ANGELO has 2 Cd's
Click and go to the bottom of the page to hear samples of all the songs on his CD's.
We  have the Carvery/Buffet every time we Open.  The Kids Menu is included  Sunday Lunch.
Prices for Adults and Children are as follows
Last Price increase
16th May 2015
From 17th June 2017
Saturday Night
$64.00 per Adult
$32.00 per Child 4 to
               11 inclusive
  Lunch Weekdays
         ,Sunday Lunch
$56.00 per Adult
$28.00 per Child 4 to
             11 inclusive
Christmas Eve at  
  Alfred's Homestead
  NEW YEARS EVE  at Alfred's Homestead
Special Discounts   
         apply for
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Alfred's Homestead
       OF YEAR

Very extensive renovations will begin in 2018 to change the look of Alfred's Homestead so that it will become the most beautiful Wedding Reception Venue in Australia.
Outside and inside much will be changed.

We are from Next week starting our Christmas Menu on Saturday nights and some Thursday and Friday Nights before Christmas.
If you have Normal Saturday Vouchers still not used I will allow them to be used on Christmas Party nights.
Please ring Bill to check if he has envelopes with your name in his special ebay Vouchers folder.

The new look will mean
     - no more farming implements at the front of the Restaurant
     - all conifers will be removed allowing full view of the front of the Restaurant from the road.
      -  400 standard white roses will be added  all the way to the front of the Restaurant
      - a Ramp will be added at the entrance of the Restaurant.
     - a chapel is planned for the left of the Restaurant carpark

     - no more display of old farming implements , Pots and pans and whisky Barrels
     our huge Bellows and our antique clothes wringer will be up for sale.
    - new flooring throughout
    - no more green - beams and walls will be white
   - no cold buffet table - more  
     room for wedding tables
    - the wall opposite the fireplace will be floor to ceiling window
   - no more stage - again more room for wedding tables