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Special Consideration:
Membership is limited simply because membership implies Free Entry on a number of Saturday Nights and/or Sunday Lunches for a year.

Bill is willing to entertain up to 10 Free Entry Family Club members for each Saturday Night and  each Sunday Lunch that Family Members are Welcome.
Effectively that means that if there are on average 4 weekends per Month we have approx 4x12x2x10 = 960 possible Free entries.

Now that is a lot of Free entries - a total Retail value of $58x480 + $48x480 = $50,880.

Family Members should be able to most times come when they choose to Book.

It would be quite frustrating if every time a Member tries to Book and fails either because there are already 10 members on that day or only 2 can be considered and a table for 4 or 6 may be required.

Once free entries have been provided a Family Club Member should try and Book in advance so that a special date will not be filled by other Family club member noting that only 10 free entires are permitted per day ie Saturday Night or Sunday Lunch.
Please Note that Membership is LIMITED to only 18 if all Members are Bronze Level Members .

Bill will keep a waiting List for membership so if you miss out now at least you have a chance to be invited in the future.
A Great Note :
At the start you receive Bonus entries.
At the Start of each year of Membership a Family Club Member receives A Minimum of 1 Free Entry to be used that year. The Free Entries can be used on Saturday Night or Sunday Lunch as well as be gifted.

We look forward to making Family Club Members feel Extra Special each time they Visit.

Family Club Members are special since they normally visit Alfred's Homestead many Times a year.
Special Conditions apply but once you are a Member you are allowed at least 2 visit per year at no entry cost. The free entries can also be gifted.
At present Bill accepts a Maximum of 10 free entries per visit on a Saturday Night or Sunday Lunch.
If a Family Club Member needs to celebrate a special occasion much larger than 10 then Bill will allow them the Best Discount price at the time of booking for the excess needed above the Free entries that have been provided.

Further for special days such as Mothers day ,Christmas Night,Tribute Shows and New Years Eve a Family Club Member will receive a substantial discount.
Extra but most important note:

Alfred's Homestead is NOT a Company with Limited Liabilities.

It is I ,Bill Falcone, trading as Alfred's Homestead.

Effectively I have Unlimited Liability - in simple terms, I an liable to honor any Debt even until the day I die.

There are too many Companies today that are folding and leaving many debts unpaid.

Please don't hesitate to ring Bill and ask why he has mentioned the Fact that Alfred's Homestead is Not a Company.
* Note that now you can still be a Member with a once only refundable contribution of $42. This allows you a free entry at the start of each year of Membership.
You can upgrade to a Paper level with a Fully Refundable further contribution of $83.
It would allow you 3 Free entries at the start of each year of Membership whilst the $125 is Not refunded.
A couple who contribute $167 would be able to visit twice a  year
since a refundable contribution of $167 would provide 4 free entries at the start of each year of Membership.
How to become a Family Club Member:

A member is one who contributes a once only refundable Minimum of $42 to a maximum of $2000.

A member ceases to be a Member when No Money is recorded as contributed on his account. Normally the case when a Member asks for his contribution to be returned.
Member Status
Refundable once only Contribution by a Member.
Free Entries provided
at the beginning of each year of membership.
Entry level          $42     1 each year           1 Entry       $120.00        $60
Paper         $125    3 each year           1 Entry       $240.00        $180
Tin         $167   4 each year           1 Entry       $300.00        $240
Lead         $250 6 each year           2 Entries       $480.00        $360
Bronze         $500 12 each year           4 Entries       $960.00        $720
Silver       $1000 24 each year           8 Entries      $1920.00       $1440
Gold       $1500 36 each year           12  Entries      $2880.00       $2160
Diamond      $2000 48 each year           16 Entries      $3840.00       $2880
Please note that if you join at the Tin Level you will if you are a couple be able to visit twice a year whilst the $167 remains  in my Bank Account.

If you choose to visit only on Saturday Nights after 3 years you would have used 12 Entries with a Total Value of  12x$60 = $720.
The cost to you is nothing since the $167 is refundable.
Free Entries are provided at the Start of Membership and for each year of membership.
You only contribute once and you have Free Entries at the Start of each membership  year  as long as the contribution remains at Alfred's Homestead.

Please try and use entries provided within the year provided.
For example if you become a Member with a Contribution of $1000 on the 1st of March 2015 then we would appreciate if you could use your 24  free entries of your first year of Membership by the 29th February 2016.
Please realize that the Free Entries can be used for either Saturday Night or Sunday Lunch.
Operation wise:

A person that wishes to become a member would need to transfer $42 into Alfred's Homestead Bank Account -the minimum entry level.

Effectively the day the $42 arrives into my Bank Account  becomes the starting date of membership .

You will have your 1 free entries recorded on your account and you can start using it.
You will not need physical vouchers representing free entries unless you ask for free entries for Gift purpose.

Further if you have a special occasion and you need a lot more entries I will provide the best going price for Saturday Night and Sunday Lunch.
At present the best Discount price is $30pp for $60 value on a Saturday Night and $29pp for a $50 value for a Sunday Lunch.

We would like to limit Free entries to 10 on a particular Day but if we have many bookings on the day 2 or 4 or even 10 more may be accommodated if one must visit on that day.
Exit Consideration:

Unfortunately there is always an end to consider if there is a beginning.

Obviously one day you will ask for you contribution to be returned.
One day I may need to for whatever reason stop having members in the Alfred's Family Club.
It is very important to provide examples in relation to either me returning a contribution from a Member or a Member asking for a return for whatever reason.

Assuming the day after the start of the 1st year:
If a member decides that he needs his contribution returned then within 3 days he will have his contribution back into his bank account.
Further the free entries provided the 1st day of the new membership year I will allow to be used during the year even though with contribution returned I really need not do so.

If I decide to return ones contribution for whatever reason then if it is the day after the start of a new year I allow to be used any free entries that have been provided and not used.

Obviously you can see that I intend to make sure that a member gets extra special consideration.

The only problem I have is that I cannot accommodate all that may be interested in becoming a Family Club Member.

I will accept 18 members at the Bronze Level and if everything works fine then I may increase the number of members.

Take advantage now of the huge number of free entries that are provided at the start of each year of membership for just one refundable contribution.

Family Club Members will also be provided special discounts on Mother's Day,Christmas Night and Special Tribute Shows. At present a 20% discount will be provided for Family Club Members.

Further - a 30% Discount is allowed on a Christmas Party Night in the Christmas Period.

We look forward to making Family Club Members feel Extra Special each time they Visit.

Please Note that Family Club Members do not need to use their Free Entries for Times where a payment is required.
For example one can make up a table all on the special discount for Christmas Night,Mothers Day,Fathers Day ,Christmas Party Nights and Special Tribute Shows without using Free entries.
At present I have a Special Family Voucher on sale on Ebay that provides some of these Benefits normal without a voucher for a Family Club Member.
Go to Ebay and search for Alfred's Homestead Family Club Voucher
Check it out
At the Start Gift
** Now you get a Gift when you join.
At the Bronze level the Gift is 4 Free Entries
Value if used on
a Saturday Night
in the 1st year
Value if used on
a Saturday Night
after the 1st year for each year.
Assuming you enter at the Lead  level then your fully refundable contribution of $250 allows you a start bonus of 2 Entries plus 6 free entries at the start of each year of membership. If you decide to have your $250 returned after the 1st week of the start of your 2nd year of membership you would have had 2 lots of 6 plus the entry bonus = 12+2 = 14 free entries  being 14x $60 = $840 value if used on a Saturday night . Your only cost is being without your $250 for a year and 1 week.
Now - is that good!