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Family Celebration                             
Fully Licensed Restaurant
We have a huge range of Affordable cocktails.

We are finding now that we have more and more birthday celebrations coming to Alfred's Homestead.

21st Birthdays and 40th and 50th birthdays appreciate our Pay-as-you-go service,affordable cocktails and Splitting of the Bill for Food.

Cocktails are a real feature on a Hen's Night.
You can imagine how many the Hen may try.


Acid$6.00Page 16
After 8$6.00Page 16
American Dream$6.00Page 16
Americano$6.50Page  8
Anabolic Steroid$6.00Page 16
Apple Slammer$6.00Page 16
Army Green$6.00Page 16
ATP$6.00Page 16
Avalanche$6.50Page  8
B & B$6.50Page  8
Back Draft$6.00Page 16
Back Fire$6.00Page 16
Baileys Hot Shot$6.00Page 16
Banana Colada$6.50Page  8
Bananarama$6.50Page  8
Banana Split $6.00Page 16
Basic Alan$4.50Page 14
Bastille Bomb$6.00Page 16
Beam Me Up Scottie$6.00Page 16
Between The Sheets$8.50Page  8
Big Unit $6.00Page 16
Birthday Cocktail$5.50Page  8
Bizarre$8.50Page  8
Black Pigs$7.00Page 15
Black Opal$6.00Page  8
Black Rain $6.00Page 16
Black Russian $6.00Page  8
Black Sand $6.00Page 16
Blaster $6.00Page 16
Blow Job$6.00Page 16
Blue Banana$6.00Page 16
Blue Bayou$6.50Page  8
Blue  Hawaii$7.50Page  8
Blue Lagoon $6.50Page  8
Blue Popper$6.00Page 16
Blue Train$6.00Page 15
Blonde Bombshell$6.50Page  8
Bob Marley$6.00Page 16
Bonono$6.00Page 16
Bosom Caresser$6.00Page  8
Brain Haemorrhage$6.00Page 16
Brain Tumour$6.00Page 16
Brandy Alexander$6.00Page  8
Brandy Crusta$6.00Page  8
Bright Eyes$6.50Page  8
Brown Squirrel $6.00Page  8
Burn$6.00Page 16
Bush Pig$6.00Page 16
B52 (shaken)$6.00Page  8
B52$6.00Page 16
B53$6.00Page 16
B57$6.00Page 16
Caribbean Sunset$8.50Page  8
Cement Mixer$4.00Page 15
Champagne Cocktail$6.00Page  8
Chastity Belt$6.00Page 16
Cherry Blow Pop$6.00Page 16
Chi Chi$6.50Page  8
Choc Mint Explosion$6.50Page  9
Cockatoo$6.00Page  9
Cockroach$6.00Page 16
Comfortable Screw $6.50Page  9
Comfy Aussie$6.50Page  9
Corinne’s Carousel$7.50Page  9
Cowboy$6.00Page 16
Cowboy #2 $6.00Page 17
Coma$6.00Page 17
Daiquiris$7.50Page 15
Dagger$6.00Page 17
Dakota$6.00Page 17
Dean’s Delight$9.00Page 15
Death$6.00Page 17
Death In The Afternoon$6.00Page  9
Dead Mexican Ass$6.00Page 17
Dinky Di$4.50Page 14
Dirty Mother$7.00Page  9
Dirty Nipple$6.00Page 17
Dizzy Blonde$6.50Page  9
Don Pedro (Sth American) $8.00Page  9
Down under$9.50Page  9
Earthquake$6.00Page 17
Ellen’s Alibi$4.50Page 14
ET$6.00Page  9
Fallen Angel$6.50Page  9
Fallen Angel Short$6.00Page  9
Falling Star$6.00Page 17
Fascination$7.00Page  9
Fire Bomb$6.00Page 17
Fire In The Hole$6.00Page 17
Flaming Cow$6.00Page 17
Flaming Lamborghini$16.50Page  9
Flaming Lover$8.50Page  9
Flat Liner$6.00Page 17
Flirt With Dirt$8.50Page  9
Floor Matt$4.50Page 14
Fluffy Duck$6.50Page  9
Flying Carpet$6.50Page  9
Fourth of July$6.50Page  9
Freddie Fudpucker$6.50Page  9
Freight Train$6.00Page 17
French Kiss$6.50Page  9
French Kiss (shot)$6.00Page 17
Frooze$8.50Page  9
Funky Chicken$6.00Page 17
Gerda’s Goldmine$4.50Page 14
Gin Tropical$6.00Page 10
God Daughter$6.50Page 10
God Father$6.50Page 10
God Mother$6.50Page 10
God Son$7.50Page 10
Golden Cadillac$6.50Page 10
Golden Dream$7.00Page 10
Golden Torpedo$7.00Page 10
Gorilla’s Puke$6.00Page 17
Gorilla’s Snot$6.00Page 17
Grandpa Is Alive$6.00Page 17
Grand Orgasm$7.50Page 10
Grasshopper (Long)$5.50Page 10
Grasshopper (Short)$5.50Page 10
Green Monster #2$6.00Page 17
Green Spider$6.00Page 17
Harley Davidson$6.00Page 17
Happy Hour$7.50Page 15
Harvey Wallbanger$6.50Page 10
Hard On$7.00Page 10
Hellraiser$6.00Page 17
Honey Di$7.50Page 15
Honeyed Nuts$8.50Page 10
Horny Bull$6.00Page 17
Hot Damn$6.00Page 17
Illusion$8.50Page 10
I’m Lonely Tonight$7.50Page 10
Inspiration$8.50Page 10
Irish Harvey$6.50Page 10
Italian Crème$6.50Page 10
Italian Orgasm$8.50Page 10
Italian Stallion$7.00Page 10
Jack Hammer #2$6.00Page 17
Japanese Slipper$7.50Page 10
Jelly Bean$6.00Page 17
Jim’s Labour$4.50Page 14
Judy’s Jellybean$4.50Page 14
Jumping Jack$7.00Page 10
Justin’s Jaffa$4.50Page 14
Kelly’s Comfort$7.50Page 10
KGB$9.00Page 10
Kick In The Balls$8.50Page 10
Kryptonite$7.50Page 10
Larry’s Lament$4.50Page 14
Lazy Daze$8.00Page 11
Lead Pencil$7.00Page 11
Let’s Tango$6.00Page 17
Linchburg Lemonade$8.00Page 15
Long John$4.50Page 14
Lounge Poof$8.50Page 11
Love In The Afternoon$7.00Page 11
Luscious Leonie$8.00Page 15
Mai Tai$7.50Page 11
Mango Magic$6.50Page 11
Margarita$6.50Page 11
Marilyn’s Marsala Magic$4.50Page 14
Melonball$7.00Page 11
Midnight Blue$7.50Page 11
Midori Alexander$7.50Page 11
Midori Colada$7.50Page 11
Midori Shake$6.50Page 11
Midori Sour$6.50 Page 11
Mind Blender$6.00Page 17
Moist Slime$7.50Page 11
Mudcake$8.50Page 15
Mudslide$8.50Page 11
Multiple Orgasm$7.50Page 11
Nice$7.50Page 11
Opal Cocktail$8.50Page 11
Orgasm$7.50Page 11
Orgasm (shot)$6.00Page 17
Original Sin$6.00Page 17
Pam’s Passion$4.50Page 14
Pam’s Pussy$7.00Page 11
Parisian Blonde$6.50Page 11
Patsy Cliene$6.00Page 17
Paul’s Petrol$4.50Page 14
Peach Pamela$4.50Page 14
Peter The Purple People Eater$4.50Page 14
Pina Colada$6.50Page 15
Pink Elephant$6.00Page 11
Pink Lady $5.00Page 11
Pink Slipper$8.50Page 11
PS I Love You$8.50Page 11
Quick F$6.00Page 17
Reality Twist$6.00Page 17
Red Corvette$7.50Page 12
Red Square$6.00Page 17
Rick $6.00Page 17
River Dream $7.50Page 12
Rock Lobster$6.50Page 12
Rocket Fuel $14.00Page 12
Rosemary’s Rocket$4.50Page 14
Ruby Slipper$6.00Page 17
Rusty Bull$9.50Page 12
Rusty Nail$7.50Page 12
Rusty Spike$6.00Page 17
Safe Sex$6.00Page 17
Satan’s Mouthwash$6.00Page 18
Screaming Orgasm$9.50Page 12
Screaming Orgasm #2$6.00Page 18
Scud Missile$6.00Page 18
Sexoholic$6.00Page 18
Sex On The Beach $8.50Page 12
Sex On The Rocks$7.50Page 12
Sharpshooter #1$6.00Page 18
Shit In The Grass$6.00Page 18
Sidecar$7.50Page 12
Silk Panties$6.00Page 18
Silk Stockings $7.00Page 12
Simpson Bronco$6.00Page 18
Slippery Nipple #3$6.00Page 18
Snake Bite $7.00Page 12
Snowball$5.00Page 12
Snow Flake$7.00Page 12
Soul Taker$6.00Page 18
South Pacific$7.50Page 12
Southern Beamy Brain Damage $6.00Page 18
Sperm $6.00Page 18
Splice$7.50Page 12
Squash Frog$6.00Page 18
Squashed Turtle$7.00Page 15
Stained Blue Dress$6.00Page 18
Stiletto$6.00Page 18
Stinger$6.00Page 18
Strawbarama$8.50Page 12
Strawgasm$6.00Page 18
Stubborn Italian$6.00Page 18
Sun & Surf$6.00Page 18
Sunny Mexico$6.00Page 18
Sweet Lady Jane$9.00Page 12
Sweet Maria$9.00Page 12
Tequila Body Slammer$6.00Page 18
Tequila Sunrise$6.00Page 12
Tequini #2$6.00Page 18
The Liquorice Dream$6.00Page 18
The Double Team$6.00Page 18
The End Of The World$6.00Page 18
The Red & Black$6.00Page 18
Three Musketeers$6.00Page 18
Tidal Wave $6.00Page 18
Toblerone$7.50Page 12
Tom Collins $5.00Page 12
Tubboocki$6.00Page 18
Twister$6.00Page 18
Undertow$6.00Page 18
V.Bomb$8.00Page 12
Velvet Hue$8.00Page 12
Vibrator$6.00Page 12
Voodoo Child$14.00Page 12
Waffle Shaker$6.50Page 12
Warm Blonde$6.00Page 18
Water Melon $6.50Page 13
Wet Back$6.00Page 18
Whiskey Sour$6.00Page 13
Whisper$7.50Page 13
White Cup$6.00Page 15
White Lady$7.00Page 13
White Spider$6.00Page 18
White Swan$7.00Page 13
White Indian Yellow Bird  $9.00Page 13
Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker $6.00Page 18
Zipper$6.00Page 18
Zombie$7.50 Page 13
Zulu Warrior$8.00Page 13
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We  have the Carvery/Buffet every time we Open.  The Kids Menu is included  Sunday Lunch.
Prices for Adults and Children are as follows
Last Price increase
16th May 2015
From 17th June 2017
Saturday Night
$64.00 per Adult
$32.00 per Child 4 to
               11 inclusive
  Lunch Weekdays
         ,Sunday Lunch
$56.00 per Adult
$28.00 per Child 4 to
             11 inclusive
      ALFRED’S HOMESTEAD COCKTAILS                              

Americano : 30ml Campari, 30ml Sweet Vermouth topped with soda.
30ml Tia Maria, dash of coke/lemonade & cream.
B52 (shaken)
Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier & cream
B & B
30ml Brandy, 30ml Benedictine poured over ice.
Banana Colada
30ml Bacardi, 30ml Malibu, 30ml sugar syrup, pineapple/orange juice, cream & ½ Banana, Blended.
30ml Kahlua, 30ml Banana liquor, ½ Banana & cream, blended.
Between the Sheets
30ml Brandy, 30ml Bacardi, 30ml Cointreau, 15ml lemon juice
Birthday Cocktail
30ml Southern Comfort, 15ml Crème De Cacao & cream , shaken
15ml Strawberry liquor, 15ml Malibu, 15ml Opal Nero & cream, shaken
Black Opal
15ml Opal Nero, 15ml Baileys, 15ml Cointreau & cream, layered in a cocktail glass.
Black Russian
30ml Vodka, 30ml Tia Maria, coke & cream (optional)
Blue Bayou
30ml Gin, 15ml Galliano, 15ml Vermouth, 15ml Blue Curacao & lemonade
Blue Hawaii :
30ml Bacardi, 15ml Amaretto, 15ml Blue Curacao, 15ml lime cordial, 90ml pineapple juice, shaken & served with ice.
Blue Lagoon :
30ml Gin, 30ml Blue Curacao & lemonade.
Blonde Bombshell:
30ml butterscotch schnapps, 30ml Soda water, 60ml cream, 30ml Baileys, 20ml czar vodka, shaken & served on ice.
Bosom Caresser:
30ml Brandy, 15ml Orange Curacao, dash of Grenadine & Egg yolk.
Brandy Alexander:
30ml Brandy, 30ml Dark de cacao & cream, shaken.
Brandy Crusta:
30ml Brandy, 30ml White de cacao & orange juice.
Bright Eyes:
15ml White de cacao, 15ml Vodka, 15ml Banana liquor, 15ml strawberry liquor & cream, shaken.
Brown Squirrel:
30ml Amaretto, 15ml crème de cacao & cream, shaken
Caribbean Sunset:
30ml Gin, 30ml Banana liquor, 30ml Blue Curacao, 30ml lemon juice, 30ml cream & a dash of Grenadine, shaken & served with ice.
Champagne Cocktail:
30ml Brandy & Champagne served over sugar cube and bitters.
Chi chi:
30ml Malibu, 30ml Vodka, pineapple juice & cream, shaken.
Choc Mint Explosion:
15ml Kahlua, 15ml Crème de Menthe, 15ml White Curacao & cream, shaken.
30ml Crème de banana, 15ml Advocaat & cream, shaken.
Comfortable Screw:
30ml Vodka, 15ml Southern Comfort & O.J.
Comfy Aussie:
30ml Southern Comfort, 30ml Banana liquor & Apricot Nectar.
Corinne’s Carousel:
30ml Grand Marnier, 30ml Cointreau, 15ml Tequilla,5 drops of Grenadine,5 drops of milk, served in champagne flute
Death In The Afternoon:
15ml Pernod & Champagne.
Dirty Mother:
30ml Vodka, 30ml Kahlua, Grenadine & Milk.
Dizzy Blonde:
30ml Pernod, 30ml Advocaat & lemonade.
Don Pedro (Sth American) :
2 slots scothe, scoop of ice-cream, blended- topped with cream & dusted with chocolate.
30ml Cointreau, 30ml Galliano, 30ml Midori, lemon juice & cream, shaken.
15ml Kahlua, 15ml White de cacao, 15ml Crème de Menthe, banana & cream, blended.
Fallen Angel:
30ml Advocaat, 30ml Cherry brandy & lemonade.
Fallen Angel short:
30ml Gin, 5ml Crème de menthe, dash of bitters & lemon juice.
15ml Galliano, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml White Curacao & cream, shaken.
Flaming Lamborghini:
Layered - 30ml Kahlua, 30ml Cointreau, 30ml White Sambuca & in side glasses 30ml Blue Curacao & 30ml cream. Ignite, pour side glasses in & drink with 2 straws.
Flaming Lover:
15ml Baileys, 15ml Tia Maria, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Malibu & a dash of cream, shake & leave. Swirl 15ml Galliano in glass - Flame & douse in mixture!
Flirt with Dirt:
30ml Kahlua, 15ml Vandermint, 30ml Malibu, cream floated, shake & strain.
Fluffy Duck:
30ml Advocaat, 30ml Gin & lemonade in long glass - cream on top.
Flying Carpet:
30ml Vodka, 15ml Banana liquor, 15ml Advocaat & cream, shaken
Fourth of July:
15ml Bourbon, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Galliano, Orange juice & cream.
Freddie Fudpucker:
30ml Tequila, 30ml Galliano & Orange juice
French Kiss:
30ml Dry Vermouth, 30ml Sweet Vermouth,30ml Gin& OJ
1part Cointreau,Midori, Malibu & 2 parts milk, Blended.
Gin Tropical:
30ml Gin, 15ml Blue Curacao, OJ & soda.
God Daughter:
15ml Sambuca,30ml Amaretto, dash of Grenadine & cream, shaken.
God Father:
30ml Scotch & 30ml Amaretto, served over ice.
God Mother: 30ml Vodka & 30ml Amaretto,served over ice.
God Son:
30ml Galliano & 30ml Amaretto, served over ice.
Golden Cadillac:
30ml Galliano, 30ml White de cacao & cream, shaken
Golden Dream:
30ml Cointreau, 30ml Galliano, OJ & cream, shaken.
Golden Torpedo:
30ml Galliano, 30ml Amaretto & cream, shaken.
Grand Orgasm:
30ml Grand Marnier & Baileys.
Grasshopper (long):
30ml Crème de Menthe, 30ml White de cacao & lemonade, in long glass.
Grasshopper (short):
30ml Crème de Menthe, 30ml White de Cacao & cream , shaken.
Harvey Wallbanger:
30ml Vodka, OJ, topped with Galliano, long glass.
Hard On:
15ml Kahlua, 30ml Baileys, 15ml Banana liquor,served on ice
Honeyed Nuts:
30ml Frangelico, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Advocaat, 30ml Honey & 120ml cream, blended.
15ml Bacardi, 15ml Midori, 15ml Malibu, 15ml Cointreau & pineapple juice.
I’m Lonely Tonight:
30ml Bacardi, 30ml Vodka, dash bitters & lemon juice served over ice in squat glass.
45ml Frangelico, 15ml Lena Banana, 60ml pineapple juice & 30ml cream, shaken.
Irish Harvey:
30ml Baileys, 30ml Galliano & cream, shaken.
Italian Crème:
30ml Sambuca, 30ml Kahlua & cream, shaken.
Italian Orgasm:
30ml Baileys, 30ml Cointreau & 30ml Frangelico, on crushed ice.
Italian Stallion:
30ml Crème de Banana, 30ml Galliano, lemonade &cream.
Japanese Slipper:
30ml Midori, 30ml Cointreau & lemon juice, shaken.
Jumping Jack:
30ml Vodka, 15ml Galliano, lemon juice topped with lemonade.
Kellys Comfort:
30ml Southern comfort, 30ml baileys, strawberries & cream, blended.
30ml Kahlua,30ml Grand Marnier & 30ml Baileys,served over ice
Kick in the Balls:
45ml Malibu, 30ml Midori, OJ & cream, blended.
30ml Blue Curacao, White Sambuca & Pineapple juice.

Lazy Daze:
30ml Tia Maria, 15ml Vodka, 30ml Crème de Menthe & lemonade poured over ice.
Lead Pencil:
15ml Galliano, 15ml Tia maria, 15ml Dark de cacao & cream, shaken.
Lounge Poof:
15ml White crème de cacao, 15ml Baileys, 15ml Kahlua, strawberries & cream, blended.
Love in the Afternoon:
30ml Bacardi, 30ml Malibu, OJ, Strawberries, sugar syrup & cream, blended.
Mai Tai:
30ml Malibu, 30ml Apricot Brandy, 15ml Triple Sec, lime juice & dash of raspberry lemonade.
Mango Magic:
30ml Mango Liquor, 30ml Cointreau & cream, shaken
30ml Tequila, 30ml Triple sec & lemon juice - salt on rim of glass.
30ml Vodka, 30ml Midori & OJ in a long glass.
Midnight Blue:
30ml Cointreau,15ml Kahlua, 15ml Blue Curacao, lemonade & cream on top.
Midori Alexander:
30ml Midori,15ml Brandy,15ml Gin & cream,shaken
Midori Colada:
30ml Midori, 30ml Malibu, ½ pineapple juice & ½ OJ
Midori Shake:
15ml Malibu, 30ml Midori, 15ml Galliano & pineapple juice, shaken.
Midori Sour:
30ml Midori, lemon juice & sugar
Moist Slime:
30ml Cointreau, 15ml Galliano, 15ml Crème de Menthe, pineapple juice & cream.
30ml Tia maria, 15ml Crème de cacao, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Vodka & milk in a long glass.
Multiple Orgasm:
30ml baileys, 30ml Cointreau & milk.
30ml Blue Curacao, 15ml Mozzart cltue liquor,milk & ice.
Opal Cocktail:
10ml Pernod, 15ml Galliano, 15ml Blue curacao, 30ml Vodka & 30ml Cointreau.
Orgasm: 30ml Baileys & 30ml Cointreau, served over ice.
Pam’s Pussy: 15ml Choc liquor, 15ml Cointreau, 15ml Malibu & cream, shaken.
Parisian Blonde: 30ml Bundy , 15ml Orange curacao & cream, shaken
Pink Elephant: 30ml Malibu, 15ml Advocaat & lemonade, in a long glass with cream on top.
Pink Lady: 30ml Gin, dash lemonade/coke/rasp & cream on top.
Pink Slipper: 1p Cointreau, 1p Bacardi, 3p Champagne & strawberries, blended.
PS I love You: 30ml Amaretto, 30ml Baileys & 30ml Kahlua, over ice.
Red Corvette:30ml Midori, 30ml Frangelico & 4-5strawberries,blended
River Dream: 15ml Midori, 15ml Malibu, 15ml Cointreau, pineapple juice & cream, shaken.
Rock Lobster: 30ml Grand Marnier, 15ml Amaretto, float milk/cream over ice.
Rocket Fuel: 30ml Gin, 30ml Ouzo, 30ml Bacardi & 30ml Vodka, topped with lemonade.
Rusty Bull; 30ml Scotch, 30ml Kahlua & 30ml Drambuie, over ice.
Rusty Nail
: 30ml Whiskey & 30ml Drambuie, served over ice.
Screaming Orgasm: 30ml Baileys, 30ml Cointreau & 30ml Galliano, served over ice.
Sex on the Beach: 15ml Vodka, 15ml kahlua, 15ml Grand marnier, 15ml Baileys & milk.
Sex on the Rocks: 30ml Kahlua, 30ml Grand Marnier & milk, shaken.
Short Leg: Cointreau, Gin & a dash lemon juice, topped with OJ.
30ml Brandy, 30ml Cointreau & lemon juice.
Silk Stockings:
30ml Tequila, 30ml White de menthe, dash grenadine & cream shaken.
Snake bite:
30ml Southern comfort & 30ml Crème de menthe, on ice.
30ml Advocaat, lemonade, dash of lime, top with cream.
Snow Flake:
30ml Baileys, 30ml Kahlua & cream, blended with ice.
South Pacific:
30ml Gin, 15ml Galliano,15ml Blue curacao & lemonade
15ml Malibu, 15ml Cointreau, 15ml Midori & cream, shaken.
15ml Vodka, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Banana liquor, 15ml Baileys, 8 strawberries, 200ml milk & tspn of cream, blended.
Sweet Lady Jane:
15ml Grand marnier, 15ml White de cacao, 30ml strawberry liquor, 15ml Malibu, OJ & cream, shaken.
Sweet Maria:
30ml Tia Maria, 30ml bourbon & 40ml cream, shaken.
Tequila Sunrise:
30ml Tequila & Orange Juice in a long glass, with a dash of grenadine down side of glass
15ml Baileys, 15ml Honey liquor, 15ml Choc mint liquor, 15ml Frangelico & cream, shaken.
Tom Collins:
30ml Gin, lemon juice, soda & dash of bitters.
vodka, lemon juice, cooler.
Velvet Hue:
Brandy, Kahlua, Cointreau & cream, shaken.
Voodoo Child:
Layer 30ml Opal nero, 30ml Midori - then shake 15ml Baileys, Tia Maria & cream - & layer over .
Waffle Shaker:
1p Butterscotch schnapps, 1p Orange juice, 1p Vodka shaken, then poured into shot glasses.
Water Melon:
30ml Midori & ice blended. Top with Raspberry
Whisky Sour:
30ml whiskey, lemon juice & egg white with sugar.
Strawberry liquor, Mango liquor, lime/lemon juice, shaken.
White Lady:
30ml Gin, 15ml lemon juice & egg white.
White Swan:
45ml Amaretto & milk, served in a long glass.
White Indian Yellow Bird:
30ml Bacardi, 30ml Banana liquor, 30ml Galliano, Orange Juice & pineapple juice.
Bundy, Bacardi, Brandy, sugar syrup, dash lemon juice & topped with orange/pineapple juice.
Zulu Warrior:
Midori, Strawberry liquor, lemon juice & fruit salad, blended.